Chartered Institute of Management Accountants (CIMA)

CIMA is the largest professional body of management accountants in the world, and leads the way in this area. Its stated aim is to provide assistance to people and businesses in both the private and public sectors, to help them achieve success.

CIMA was founded in 1919, and used to be a member of CCAB, but withdrew in February 2011. There are more than 229,000 members of CIMA, located in 176 countries.


The CIMA Professional Qualification allows accountants to learn everything they need to know about management accounting, helping them gain a thorough understanding of business and finance.


There are two membership options available to accountants joining CIMA. Those who are an Associate can have the letters ACMA next to their name, while those who are a Fellow can have the letters FCMA next to their name. For a ACMA to become a FCMA, they must have a certain amount of experience at a senior level.

These letters signal that an accountant has completed at least three years of practice, passed a number of exams, and also been recommended by two individuals who have experienced the accountant’s work.

Members receive support throughout their careers, as well as when following the Continuing Professional Development (CPD) programme. This ensures that the accountants continue to grow and develop their skills and expertise throughout their careers.

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Chartered Institute of Management Accountants
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