Chartered Institute of Public Finance and Accountancy (CIPFA)

CIPFA is the professional body for accountants in public finance, and it has 14,000 members. It is the only professional accountancy body dealing exclusively with public finance, and its members work within bodies which require effective and efficient managing of public money.

Formed in 1885, CIPFA works with governments, the public sector, and accounting bodies, to help provide expert guidance on a range of areas within public finance.


The CIPFA Professional Qualification (PQ) that is available will provide accountants with the skills required to ensure high-quality advice is given, as well as giving expert performances, as they go on to forge careers in public finance.

CIPFA’s International Public Financial Management qualification (PQ IPFM) will set accountants up to specialise in providing public financial management globally. There are also other qualifications offered by CIPFA, and the qualification that an accountant chooses to pursue will depend on their personal interests for their future career.


To be invited to become a member of CIPFA, accountants must have completed the CIPFA Professional Qualification. If their application is successful, members of CIPFA are able to add the letters CPFA to their name, as they are officially a Chartered Public Finance Accountant.

This will signal to people all around the world that the member is a highly qualified accountant, especially in public finance, paving the way for a successful career at some of the world’s major providers.

Members will receive help and support throughout their career, networking opportunities and more, and will also take part in the CIPFA Continuing Professional Development (CPD) scheme, which is an ongoing scheme throughout the accountants’ careers, ensuring that they continue to develop their skills year-on-year.

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