More Employers Offering Pay Rises To Keep Accountants

An increasing number of accountants who plan on quitting their job are being offered pay rises to persuade them to change to their mind, new research has revealed.

A study conducted by recruitment firm Mark Sattin found that over a third (35 per cent) of accountancy professionals in the UK who announce their intention to resign receive a counter offer from their employer.

The figure is more than double the 12.5 per cent who said they were receiving pay rise offers last year.

The research also found that the average salary hike has also risen from 5 per cent to 15 per cent over the past year, and that accountants thinking of leaving are most likely to be offered extra cash if their employer is in the retail, media, oil, gas or mining industry.

Dave Way, managing director of Marks Sattin, said: “Many employers did not increase salaries for their current staff proactively over the last couple of years and they are now reacting to changing market conditions. Effectively, these counter offers are making up for lost time.”