KPMG To Fund Degree And Pay Salary To Young Recruits

KPMG has announced that it will offer to pay the university tuition fees of teenagers who sign up to a new accountancy training scheme.

The Big Four accountancy firm said it is launching a new school leavers’ programme from this autumn. The six-year course will involve studying at Durham University for a BSc in Accounting and working for KPMG .

The full university and professional tuition fees for each student will be covered by the company, plus accommodation, and students will also receive a starting salary of £20,000, rising to £45,000 in the final year.

Once the course has been completed, each student will gain a degree and fullaccountancy qualification and will also be guaranteed a job at KPMG .

Oliver Tant, the firm’s UK head of audit, said they were hoping to attract talented youngsters who may be put off the prospect of going to university by the high levels of debt they could incur.

He commented: “For us, one of the key things is to ensure fair access to the profession by ensuring the greatest number of young people possible go to university – and also have the potential to train as an accountant .”

“We need an accountancy profession that is as diverse and as open as it can be. This scheme will address current concerns around how students can meet the costs of university, and make degrees and professional qualifications available to a broader socio-economic group.”