Self-Employed Advised To Take Accountant Advice

Self-employed Brits looking to keep on top of their company’s bookkeeping should seek the services of a specialist accountant, according to Informed Choice, the award-winning firm of Chartered Financial Planners.

The Surrey-based organisation said that taking advice from accountants, financial planners and solicitors should be the “bare minimum” for such business operators when starting up their own firm.

Martin Bamford, the group’s managing director and chartered financial planner, explained that by doing so, they can ensure that their records, annual accounts and tax payment calculations are as accurate as possible.

He commented: “When you become self-employed, you typically need advice from three types of professionals – accountants, financial planners and solicitors. Most self-employed people work with an accountant as a bare minimum.”

“A financial planner can help those becoming self-employed to understand the cost of living, which in turn can inform business goals and also the replacement of any lost employee benefits with individual arrangements.”