Help for Unemployed Accountants to Get a Job

There are ways in which unemployed accountants can enable themselves to be more employable to prospective employers.

The Chartered Accountants’ Benevolent Association (CABA) has identified four such ways.

The key problem is that there are more vacancies than there are accountants presently. CABA has compiled four key ways in which to make yourself more employable as an accountant .

CABA’s suggests that: it is vital to network. Certain evidence intimates that only up to 20 per cent of accountancy jobs are advertised. This can mean that the majority of vacancies are filled by word of mouth. Hence, networking within and outside the profession can heighten the likelihood of you getting a job.

It is vital to increase your personal skills; employers are currently seeking ‘soft’ skills and technical ability. It is vital that you stress and improve upon your personal PR skills, ability to team work and your people skills.

You need to develop an online presence as the majority of employers automatically Google a party they may be interested in employing. An active, strong LinkedIn profile helps.

Undertake some research on your potential employer. Lots of accountants consider their professional acumen and technical abilities to be the key ingredients for a job; however, most employers are usually considering a candidate who is also going to be a good corporate ‘fit’. Check out the history, culture and objectives of potential employers.

Every thing matters when it comes to getting a job, so, even go to the extent of knowing the dress code for interviews.