Accountants are Not Hopeful about Job Prospects

UK unemployment is at its highest in 17 years, at 2.57m, as the country’s excruciatingly slow recovery from recession impacts on the work force.

With that as the backdrop, accountants are not hopeful about their job prospects .

A new recruitment report shows that accountants consider their job prospects poorer than those whose jobs are to recruit them.

On a scale of 10 for very positive to -10 for very negative, accountants scored -6 which highlights their serious concerns about getting a job .

The poll was taken of 1,064 professionals by recruiter Marks Sattin.

Accountants are not very confident about their future employment as they have been affected by a punishing recession .

Moreover, human resources professionals are far more positive about accountants’ prospects, scoring an average of 2.4.

In addition, accountants’ salaries have dropped by 2.2% since 2007 and the national headcount has fallen by 6.8%.