Optimism for 2012 Shown by CIMA Accountants

Professionals in finance, including those working for accounting firms, are displaying “notable resilience” to the economic downturn.

This is a finding of the Chartered Institute of Management Accountants annual survey.

Most of its members are feeling quite recession proof, in spite of another rollercoaster year.

Almost 50 per cent of respondents anticipate that there will be an increase in salary in the next year, and only a quarter expect a pay freeze.

This result is more positive than the 45 per cent of respondents polled in 2010 stating that they expect a pay rise.

CIMA members stated that their salary is still important, yet quality of life is more of a priority.

With seven of the fourteen countries surveyed, a healthy working environment, a challenging workload as well as a good work-life balance are also considered to be key motivators.

However, accountants state that long working hours are now common. In the thirteen countries surveyed, two-thirds or more of respondents work more than 40 hours per week and often up to 50 hours.

It is also anticipated that work hours are going to increase in the future, due to reduced work forces.

91 per cent of respondents stated that the CIMA skills have improved their career prospects in accountancy . Three quarters stated that the qualification had provided them with better access to other business areas too.