Does Accountancy Software mean the Demise of Accountants

Does accountancy software mean the demise of accountants as there seems to be quite a lot of good accountancy software around and is it likely to put accountantsout of business?

Accounting software records financial data to assist business to extract information for reporting on profit and loss statements and balance sheets, as well as control and manage other financial areas of the business such as accounts, inventory, payroll, and job and product costing.

Effectively used, such software can play a pivotal role in managing a business and maximising its performance.

Accountancy software is a tool. Just like a drill does not make a carpenter; accountancy software does not make an accountant.

External or public accountants are exceedingly qualified, well trained and highly experienced across various financial and taxation areas and work with businesses to help with financial reporting, accounts, tax planning and compliance to mention a few areas.