HMRC targets highly paid individuals for tax avoidance

The taxman’s eyes are turning towards those who earn £150,000 a year and up, as HMRC continue to try and crack down on tax avoidance.

The focus has turned so much, that the staff numbers of the so-called ‘Affluent Unit’ taskforce, which is looking into the tax payments made by people falling into this income bracket, has increased by over 50 per cent.

According to accountancy firm Moore Stephens, the wage bill has had a rise of 68 per cent as a result of the rapid increase in the number of tax collectors, it is reported.

Dominic Arnold, Partner at Moore Stephens commented: “This increase in headcount at the Affluent Unit is a clear indication that HMRC intends to squeeze more tax out of a wider group of taxpayers. Additional tax inspectors at HMRC will be expected to pay for themselves many times over.”

With the state of the economy what it is, the government need all the tax that they are owed, and people or businesses side stepping tax is a big problem. Apparently the Affluent Unit reportedly managed to collect and extra £137.2 million in tax during the 2013/14 tax year.

It shows that this is an effective way to boost the government’s tax revenue.