Accountancy and finance employees to see salary increase in US

The starting salaries for accountancy and finance jobs in the US are set to increase by an average of 3 per cent over the next years, reports have claimed.

This is based off figures released in the Robert Half 2016 Salary Guide. Every year, the guide is released to help companies when searching for new recruits, and to keep their salaries competitive.

The average rise is to be seen amongst those working in finance and accounting, financial services, administration, and information technology.

It is a higher rise than predicted in the guide from last year, which said a 2.6% salary increase was to be expected.

This raise is well ahead of the current inflation rate, which stands at -0.1%.

It is said that higher salary increases will be likely made to those higher up in the financial companies. This is reflecting the state of the market in which businesses need more than just fiscal control to survive, but to build and grow, developing through partnerships and strategies which will reap benefits. It balances the pressure put on the higher positions to perform and grow the companies they work for.

Overall though, the rises which are to see the biggest increases are, predictably, to be those that are hardest to fill. Higher salaries should hopefully attract in people who can fill the roles. For example, those dealing with risk and compliance within a financial service, and those working with digital security roles and information technology.