New Chief Operating Office for ICAEW

Vernon Soare has been named as the new Chief Operating Officer of ICAEW, moving from his position as Executive Director of Professional Standards.

It is the second high-profile appointment since February, when Paul Aplin was announced as the new vice president from June 2016, before becoming president in June 2018 for one year.

As the new COO, Soare will be coordinating the “overall operational efficiency of ICAEW” as well as being in charge of IT, financial management, marketing and property services. He will carry on his responsibilities with regards to the Middle East, South Asia and Africa regions, and the public sector and capacity building too.

“In the ten years since he joined ICAEW, Vernon has achieved a huge amount,” said the chief executive of ICAEW, Michael Izza. “He has led our move into legal services with ICAEW’s appointment as an approved regulator and licensing authority for probate services.”

“He has also been responsible for the creation of the new ICAEW Regulatory Board. I congratulate him on his new appointment and look forward to working closely with him in his new role,” he continued.”

Soare himself said: “ICAEW has changed a lot over the last ten years, making the transition to an international body headquartered in the UK.”

“We’re now completing our strategy review which will set out the direction we take in the next ten years. It’s an exciting time to take on this new role and with the challenge it will provide,” he added.