Sage roll out simplified software framework for accountant partners

SAGE have launched a worldwide accountant partner programme to help streamline the use for those who will work with the software in different countries.

The Global Accountant Partner Programme is designed to streamline relationships with accountants, letting them access necessary software more easily, and thus help them grow their business.

The Programme gives access to a single framework for all the software that an accountant will need, from Payroll software to Bookkeeping programs, to HR aids, the framework allows accountants to customise their software library to fit them and their practice.

The Programme is peer led, made by accountants, for accountants, to help make it the best possible tool that can be used for day to day work.

Alan Laing, executive vice president of Partnerships & Alliances, said: “in partnership the whole is greater than the sum of its parts… At Sage we delight in supporting our accounting partners from around the globe to transform and grow their practices. Importantly, this programme is designed by and for accountants to both bring real value to all of our partners, and to help them deliver services to their clients.”

Last year, Sage simplified their programme framework, as it previously differed on international location. Now, the system will provide the same software coverage across the globe.

Importantly, the programme also allows access to a free, peer led community of accountant partners and educational resources.