Accountants looking to swap practice for industry

According to research from, many accountants are wanting to make the switch from practice to commerce, and from commerce to practice.

More than 1,300 accountants around the world took part in a survey, which shows that as many as six in ten accountants are looking to swap their field.

The respondents did, however, say that they felt there were numerous obstacles standing in their way. 17 per cent are worried that making the switch is being oversold, and wouldn’t live up to the expectations being presented to them. 26 per cent said that they were concerned about the economic instability, and whether a change in discipline would benefit them financially, while 20 per cent believed that they didn’t have the right skills to transfer and be a success.

Simon Wright, operations director at, said: “For professionals looking to move from practice to industry it is often thought of as an easier move, but it is not always the case.

“Industry does however offer the chance to become an expert in a specific [sector] much faster than

“There is also the chance to move into operational roles rather than being focused on accountancy and finance, which is appealing to the entrepreneurs and those looking to start their own business one day.”