A Students Guide to Preparing Financial Statements

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About the book

Every accountancy qualification requires students to prepare financial statements from a trial balance as it tests the core skills of double entry bookkeeping and knowledge of accounting standards.

This book will take you from the basics of double entry bookkeeping assuming no prior knowledge through to accounting standards examined at advanced levels of professional examinations, covering everything in between.

A student’s guide to preparing financial statements is split into three sections. Section 1 covers topics typically tested at foundation levels such as depreciation, accruals and prepayments and irrecoverable debts. Section 2 is aimed at intermediate level topics tested such as tax, leases, revenue recognition and financial instruments. Section 3 focuses on advanced level topics including pensions, share based payments, advanced financial instruments and foreign currency transactions.

Additionally, it is accompanied by over 100 pages of free on-line content including mindmaps, technical discussions, recap questions and answers and a glossary.

The book is relevant to all professional accountancy qualifications as well as A-level and university degrees. The book is suitable to be used either by dipping in and out of it as a reference book or by reading it from cover to cover. A student’s guide to preparing financial statements will prove to be your indispensable companion through all your accountancy exams and beyond.