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Proven tips and strategies for building a rewarding freelance copywriting career in the digital age

Regardless of whether you want to write nonfiction or creative writing, blog posts or books, this Kindle book will provide valuable tools and information for beginners and experts alike.

This five-chapter book will show you how to:
Decide whether a career in copywriting is right for you
Create a writing portfolio
Setting your rates
Create your own professional website
Find rewarding, well-paying copywriting jobs
Craft competitive writing proposals
Work with short-term and long-term clients
Networking with clients
Portraying yourself professionally online
Develop quality content on a deadline
Conduct research for clients
Edit your content for grammar and clarity
Overcome procrastination
Keep track of your finances

Starting a copywriting business is a big step in your career. This career choice works well whether you want to make an income on the side or leave your regular job to strike out on your own. Many people have found success as a freelance copywriter and with so many different topics and projects to choose from, you are sure to find many projects that work to keep you interested and busy.

In this guidebook, you are going to learn everything that you need to know in order to start your copywriting career as a beginner. You will learn how to get started, whether you would like to do this on the side or as your new career choice as well as how to find your first job, working with a variety of clients, learning how to craft quality content that your clients will enjoy and some of the best tips to help you plan a sustainable strategy for long-term success.

Copywriting is a great career choice if you want to be your own boss, have more control over your own income, or have one of the most diverse careers around. The options and opportunities are endless. Getting started can be easy as long as you have the right tips and have the right frame of mind to find those amazing clients. Use the tips in this guidebook to get started on your new rewarding career.

Thanks again for checking out this book, I hope you enjoy it!

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