Don’t wait for the Tooth fairy: How to communicate effectively and create the perfect patient journey in your dental practice Price: £15.99 (as of 07/09/2019 17:50 PST- Details)



Whether you are a National Health Dental Practice or a top end Cosmetic Dental Practice if you have a passion for providing World Class Communication Skills to your Patients, then you will love this book. You will discover whether by telephone or email into an appointment How to build instant rapport with your patients and get them to like you How to ask the right questions to uncover new opportunties. There are literally thousands of pounds worth of treatment sitting in your patient base, you will learn a step by step approach on how to ask the right questions You will understand how patients make buying decisions and what puts them off How to present solutions to patients so they want to buy from you How to talk money with confidence and achieve the prices your services deserve How to overcome every single patient objection to create a win win How to gain commitment and have more of your patients say yes to what you are suggesting willingly without pressure How to work together as a team so that you never drop the baton again