Male Counterparts Get Paid 20 Per Cent More than Female Accountants

Women accountants are still getting an average of 81 per cent of their male counterparts.

The average salary of female accountants is currently 81% of the average male salary, up from 77% in 2010, so female accountants are making headway.

There is still gender imbalance, with male accountants getting paid 60 per cent more than women.

The FTSE 100 has not been the speediest in welcoming women to the boardroom.

The Office for National Statistics’ figures show that the average salary for female accountants is £32,080 in contrast to £38,500 for men.

Moreover, over 50 per cent of women surveyed regard their gender to constitute a barrier to success in the workplace, whereas, just 12 per cent of men consider this to be the case.

Less than 14 per cent of Big 4 UK board members are women.

The accountancy industry needs to celebrate the fact that the gender pay gap has been narrowed.

However, female accountants who work full-time are still getting a fifth less than their male counterparts which highlights that there is still some inroad that needs to be made to ensure that female accountants are paid the same as men.

It is also crucial for employers to encourage female employees to strive to the top and develop female talent for key roles.