Accountants Salaries Rise by Ten Per Cent

Accountants’ salaries have increased by more than ten per cent in the last year.

This is nearly seven times more than the national average.

Nonetheless, accountants are said to be disappointed by the level of pay increase.

This is due to the growing turnover of the Big Four accountancy firms combined with companies growing, thereby creating competition for top level accountants.

Average accountancy salaries went up by 10.3 per cent to £59,900.

This was, however, less than the 13.5 per cent accountants had wanted.

Research by Marks Sattin, recruitment consultants, highlights, bonuses were up by 17 per cent taking the average salary to £70,300.

This year, accountants anticipate that their pay will increase by 14.2 per cent.

The finance and retail sectors have witnessed pay rises of slightly below 3 per cent, with increases in the transport sector and certain media employers being above 3 per cent.