Accountant steals hundreds of thousands of tax rebates to fuel gambling habit

A Black Country accountant who stole just under three hundred thousand pounds for herself by making bogus tax rebate claims under her client’s names so that she could keep up with a gambling habit has been jailed.

Gail Henshall submitted false applications using 200 names of people on her books as an accountant. Overall, she ended up pocketing £296,025.20 over the course of three years.

She managed to get away with it by supposedly laundering it through the cafe business of her 54 year old lover, Mario Troisi , who was also charged and jailed.

Judge Michael Parker, presiding, told them “You are as bad as each other. You were in it together [and] each knew what was going on.”

The 48 year old accountant mainly worked on behalf of self-employed people, and used her stolen cash to fund the activities on a Skybet gambling account that both her and Troisi used.

Henshall’s customers were often traders in the building industry who commonly had tax rebates. Using her position, she used this fact to get money redirected to her and Troisi’s bank account.

Henshall pleaded guilty to charges of fraud and the abuse of a position of trust, and was sentenced to two years and eight months in jail. Charged on slightly different accounts, Troisi was also jailed for the same amount of time.