Poll finds management accountants want to stay in the EU

Management accountants across the country took part in a poll that found that they would rather stay as part of the European Union.

David Cameron has big plans and ideas for the UK’s involvement with the EU, and is seeking to either renegotiate the terms of the partnership, or to see about getting out of it completely.

The Chartered Institute of Management Accountants [CIMA] has revealed that a survey found that its members want to stay joined in partnership with the mainland.

The majority (63%) of respondents to the poll said that they would rather remain with the EU than leave it, if Cameron’s negotiations fail.

Only 7% of respondents felt that leaving the EU would have a positive impact on their business.

“[Members of CIMA] said that the UK’s membership of the EU is good for the UK. The Majority of CIMA members want the UK to remains within the European Union at all costs,” said Tony Manwaring, CIMA’s executive director of external affairs.

The idea of adopting a single currency was met with very low approval, with only 4% wanting the country to make that move.