Chartered accountant aids development of Corbyn’s economics

Jeremy Corbyn, has become a much bigger name in politics as he became leader of the opposition. The public eye has turned to the accountant who had a big role to play in helping to develop Corbyn’s economic ideas, Richard Murphy.

Hailing from Norfolk, Murphy is a chartered accountant that has had his share of business deals and entrepreneurial developments, including writing a series of books and becoming the director of a company.

The 57 year old was cheered by 1,200 people after making a speech outlining plans to take power away from company board rooms and from the Bank of England.

“How is it that the UK’s top bosses are paid 183 times more than the average worker in this country? This is because right now we let those bosses do what they like without public companies,” he said to the crowd.

He went on to say that the public has been told for three decades that there is no alternative to the mainstream economics, and declared that there is.

Acting as a warm up act for Corbyn’s speech in Oxford, Murphy still made a large impact with the public, an impact Corbyn himself carried on by tackling his first Prime Minister’s Questions as Labour leader by asking David Cameron questions directly from members of the public.

Changes to the economy will only come about if people push for it. However, accountants are the most equipped with the knowledge to make these changes happen, meaning outspoken people like Richard Murphy are important to the further development and recovery of the economic system of the UK.